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People Who Have Studied the Most Arts Get the Most out of Matrix Karate

Isn’t that weird? They’ve got all sorts of experience, yet the simple art is the one that makes it all work.

The fact of the matter is that the truth is simple, and the concepts of the arts ae simple, and a simple art is what makes everything simple.

It is also the best art for explaining Matrixing concepts. Here is a win.

“My first martial art was Jujitsu, then I went on to Filipino Kali, and the last twelve or so years I’ve been studying Tai Chi and Qigong. You really made me reflect on a lot of what I have learned, and I think that some of it makes more sense now.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need all sorts of experience, it’s just that the more knowledge you have, the more knowledge Matrixing will put in order, and it’s like getting a complete spring cleaning on your martial arts, and even your mind.

But newbies will get the benefit to. They just don’t always understand how far reaching Matrixing is.

You can find out about Matrix Karate at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free ebook while you’re there. Win #60

Win #35–Defining the True Art through Karate Bunkai

It’s pretty obvious that this concept, of defining art by the workability of Karate Bunkai has to be pushed through every and all martial arts. Call it Karate Application, Karate Technique, or whatever, if it doesn’t work, don’t do it, and throw it out of your art.

If it is a poser, get rid of it.

If it is bushwah (hit him in the big toe to disable him), get rid of it.

This is not to say that you should get rid of beginning or intermediate techniques which build response and lead to the real thing. This is not to say you should strip your system of energy or breathing techniques, but you should define them more exactly. But…here’s a win.

…has allowed me to perfect the function of my system. Thats the difference between the True Art and everything else. ‘Function.’ Now I have a martial art system that functions at a very High level I might had. I highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to be an instructor of True Martial Arts.Sincere Thanks Again, Dr Charles R Cashmere Md.,Phd Founder Chung

You do your system, find out what works, what can be kept because it will lead to increased workability, and you define the bulk of your system. Again, be careful, you don’t want to strip the art entire, and just say you’re going MMA, you’d be losing out on the true art. But do get lean and mean and make your art work, and the best way to do this is to make those Karate bunkai work, or to analyze and work them until they do work. Period.

If you want to take a look at a stripped down, functional work of Karate, check out Perfect Karate. It’s absolutely free.

Win #25–Why People Fight Before They Learn Karate

And, if they are fighting before they learn karate, what happens to them that they don’t fight after they start learning karate.

The fact is, once you start making a plan for an emergency, the emergency doesn’t happen. This is one of those universe oddities.

The mugger won’t jump you while you’re looking…he’ll jump you when you’re not looking.

Where awareness is, you see, trouble doesn’t start. Here’s a totally generic win that is exactly on the spot.

“It’s not ironic that I’ve not had a physical confrontation since beginning my martial arts training under Al Case. What’s more interesting is that I enjoy this new life style.”

Now, you don’t know karate? Or some other martial art? You are a walking target. You will, somehow, actually cause somebody to jump you.

Let’s not talk about lack of confidence, or an inability to take care of business…you’re just unaware in a field of study that demands awareness, and once begun, you will always be protected by that awareness.

On another note, If you want an absolutely free book on Karate, go to

Don’t get mugged on the way. Heh.

Win #23–Karate as a First Martial Art

I like Karate as a first art because it is solid in the basics. Later, when you have experience, it’s fun to twist the basics, create different types of energy, learn sneaky ways of bashing somebody. But, in the beginning, Karate is the best. Straightforward power that can out kick a donkey, out slam a gorilla, and is just plain fun!

If I had not learned this as my first art, I would not be where am today. The basics, the foundation; a solid point upon which to stand, was essential to me as a martial artist. Few people truly understand what the basics are, let alone how important they are. Karate taught me all of this and I finished the program with confidence that I could apply what I had learned.

It’s true that people don’t understand what basics are. Take a look at the Pan Gai Noon Sanchin form. Goku does it for breathing, Shotokan does it for technique, uechi does it for dynamic tension…and they all are only partially right. Ground the weight, turn on the tan tien, and put the energy in the hands. The other theories are all right, but they miss the boat if they don’t concentrate on these three principles, and just these three principles.

Here’s a vid snip of me teaching Sanchin to my son many years ago. Karate was his first martial art, and it saved his life. Literally. Take a look at the columns at Monster Martial Arts and you’ll come across the tale.

Talk to you later.


Win #19–Here’s Some Real Karate Power For You

My wife was teaching school, and she asked me to come in and talk about Karate breaking. So I went to the store, bought a bunch of wood, and went to school. Here’s the funny thing, I hadn’t broken anything for years. I just worked out, did the forms, taught a few people, and that was it. But the power of the Kang Duk Won, once gained, doesn’t go away. In the pic I’m breaking four boards. For those budding Karate Kids that morning I broke five boards, no spacers, with no special training. You know, breaking stuff isn’t hard, at the Kang Duk Won we actually chuckled at how people were so enamored by it. I mean, you just practice hard, make sure you don’t quit, make sure you have fun, and breaking was the least of the things we learned at the Kang Duk Won. There were so many other abilities that we gained, intuitive abilities where we could control time, mess up the way people perceived the world, all sorts of things. Well, those days are gone, I’m old now, but I wrote a book about the Kang Duk Won. It’s at the menu at the top of the page. Have a great day…and a great work out, and don’t forget to do some karate breaking. :O)

Win #17–There is Something So Liberating About Real Karate Power!

We’re not just talking about the ability to one punch some bozo and send him sleeping into next week…although that is good…no, we are talking about the thrilling energy that fills the body when you finally get and understand pure Karate Power! Here’s a win from somebody who saw the truth of karate…

When I got into the classical study program I learned of and was made to experience the true, raw power that a linear martial artist can achieve.–NL

Here’s a vid snip of me doing one my favorite pan gai noon technique. I work it against a variety of attack combos, and the technique never fails me. It’s in the end of the second Pan Gai Noon forms.

You see, most arts are designed for karate kids. Or, worse, karate tournaments. This waters down the techniques. I studied karate back in the sixties, in one of the original Korean Kwans, and we generated a power there that I have not seen in any modern school The times…they have changed. Anyway, I don’t think Karate is real karate unless you pump up that energy and learn how to use it. If you want to see some good and real karate, just go to the menu at the top of this page and check out some of the systems I have.

Win #16–The Deep, Dark, Karate Secret

When I began the martial arts I thought there was some serious karate secret that the masters knew that nobody else did. If I could only find this secret I could have everything wanted: money, women, respect…maybe I wouldn’t even be a dweeb. Interestingly, there is a secret, but it ain’t what you think. And it is easy to find out. Just a little hard work and common sense, and anyone can have it. Here’s a win from one of my students about this dark mystery. Like many others, I used to like to believe that there was a great mystery out there; that there was some kind of unattainable power and wisdom that I could only reach for in my dreams. Mr. Case has taken my wonderful dark mystery away and replaced it with facts that work; that work beautifully actually. Truth is a good thing, but sometimes a rude awakening can be best avoided by a longer slumber. Which path you choose is up to you. Just remember to shield your eyes if you’re opening them for the first time; it can be bright and painful to the pride at first.” ?HH (12 years of martial arts experience) Now isn’t that interesting? It seems that the mystery is easy to understand, but what is hard to take is the fact that you were blind enough not to see it in the first place. Well, it is easy to see, but the thing that stops most everybody from seeing it is the fact that: 1) they think they know better. 2) my art is best. 3) I’m already studying under somebody who knows everything. And so on. The prime problem here, you see, is that you must be willing to learn before you can learn. Doing push ups and forms until you sweat is fine, but when are you going to work out that brain? When are you going to say…maybe I don’t know everything…maybe there is something else under the sun. When are you going to open up and accept data and actually think. I know it sounds like I’m in your face, but I’m not. I’m just stating something that scares most people. Shut up thinking you know everything and be willing to learn something. That’s the truth, that’s the truth HH had to confront before he could start to learn, that’s the truth that near every martial artist in the world has to face before he can learn the real martial arts, and before he can find out the truth about this deep, dark karate secret thing.

Feel free to visit Monster Martial Arts, pick up a free ebook, and find out if I might actually have something to offer. Have a great work out.

A Kid Gets Black Belts in Two Different Arts!

Man, I know, this looks like utterly shameless advertising, and I’ve got to admit that I like it, but…I ask people for wins after classes, but I don’t demand. After all, they either win or they don’t. The good news is that everybody gives me wins, and the permission to share them. The also good news is this…I didn’t tell Forrest what to say. Incidentally, he’s the kid I am disarming in the blinding steel video on my youtube channel. If you like the video snippet here, check out my youtube channel. Just type in aganzul on youtube and you’ll find me.

Before I started Al Case Martial Arts I was very shy and though not completely unable to fight, I didn’t really KNOW what I was doing. I had gone to a few other classes before Al’s. In one of these classes the first two hours was actually them teaching me to do a cart-wheel into a jump-kick(no joke). Though this can look very pretty, it really has little if any true application. I mean, I guess you could do a cart-wheel to get out of danger and then jump kick a random guy to your left. But then there’s always the question, “Why not just step to the side?” This is the kind of martial arts I like to call, “The Jump Kick Variety,” (the kind with little TRUE application.) So, as you may have guessed I stopped going to this class and began my search for something that could actually do SOMETHING. And sure enough I found it. And sure enough it could actually do something. In fact it taught me more in five minutes then all of the other classes I’ve ever taken. Within a year and a half I had Black Belts in TWO DIFFERENT ARTS!!! This was able to be done because Al Case has discovered some of the Basic/Basics that most instructors don’t REALLY EVEN KNOW. When I found out how and why I was doing certain moves, and what really made them work, It just put in the missing piece to making the martial arts really applicable! These are the things that the Best martial artists in the world JUST SIMPLY KNOW. But the only problem is that they don’t know how to teach it. Well, Al Case actually discovered the EXACT Technology on how to teach the martial arts so you can learn it fast and easily! As well as the real reason some things work and some don’t. And the real cause of failure in the martial arts. But the really amazing part about all this, is the amazingly LOW PRICE. I can promise that for the value of the knowledge and ability gained by one class alone, there is not a better system on EARTH.?FW

BTW, Forrest was fifteen or sixteen at the time, I believe. Thanks for reading.

Win #10 A Great Win From The Old Master Instructor Course

The joy of this win is that it talks about concepts being at the heart of the matter. Learn a concept, and all the techniques come rolling out.

INSTRUCTOR WIN–The course has truly polished my existing approach to teaching. It’s helped balance some theory with application of instruction. Some specifics of keeping discipline in, but with emphasis on humor and politeness did tweak my train of thought a tad. This has already improved the discipline of the class, but yet maintains that fun pleasant atmosphere that I like to be part of. Also, the concept of getting a student to complete something gives a much more specific goal as an instructor. This way of thinking can be applied easily with a drill, or a belt, or even particular aspects of my life and the students. Generally, when something is true, it’s rather a simple concept and can be applied in different points in life. This is true with the information in this course.?WG The idea of concepts is core to learning any art, and to teaching any art. It is the heart of matrixing, but, oddly, I didn’t learn this through learning concepts, I learned it through cross filing techniques until the core concepts came out. It actually surprised me when I discovered that nobody else in the history of the world had done what I did with this matrixing thing.

You can find out more about Matrixing, and about core concepts and being a bona fide master instructor at Monster Martial Arts.

Win #8 Another Win From The Old Master Instructor Course

I’m glad I started posting these old wins, they rejuvenate me, and they tell people what I am really doing…from the ground up. This one is from Nehemiah, the guy I usually bounce around on the courses. The guy is a phenomenal martial artist, I was lucky to teach him. Here’s a snippet of us on one of the courses. Scroll on down for his win.

Nehemiah’s WIN–I have a real ability to get my students to duplicate and understand anything that I might teach them, fully and completely, no matter the subject. For example: in addition to martial arts, I also have a dance class, swing, specifically, and I have found that it flows much more smoothly. With the tools that I have acquired, and learned to use with the completion of this course, I can comfortably state that I am an Instructor, through and through.?Thanks Al, for the tech you have created for us aspiring teachers. Can’t wait for the next course. Infinite Affinity, Nehemiah Lewrel The thing I love is that his knowledge is not conditional on having a degree…but rather from actual knowledge that nobody can argue with. This makes him absolutely confident, absolves him of any hint of overbearing attitude, and students really appreciate that. You can find out more about the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts. Have a great day. Al